Are google my business posts worth it?

One of the reasons why GMB posts are so important is because Google prioritizes quality data in its search results, so making sure you give your customers what they want can improve your search rankings. GMB publications can bring marketing benefits to your business on many levels. It can certainly help increase your local SEO and voice search presence. However, this unique marketing strategy requires a slightly different approach.

You'll need to create short, crisp, and clear GMB posts more often than ever before. After viewing 2000 GMB profiles, I discovered a lot of things. It's hard to tell week by week how many companies are using GMB publications because posts “go out every seven business days (unless the post is an event post with a start and end date. Google My Business Publishing is a feature introduced by Google that allows brands %26 companies to communicate directly with their customers.

Maps users can choose to 'follow' a local business to get a 'new follower offer' and receive updates from that company in their “For You” tab, an area of Google Maps where Google selects recommendations based on users' preferences. All of these should include semantically relevant content to ensure that you continue to have publishing content that Google can use as justification. A post appears on your GMB profile when someone searches for your business name on Google or views your company's Google My Business profile on Google Maps. Be sure to contact Google My Business every week to boost your local SEO and reach potential customers.

Currently, Google posts appear on a desktop in the company profile, which appears in the knowledge panel, directly below the company description and above the link to social profiles (if present). They appear at the bottom of your company listing and people can scroll through the available publications. We have compiled the best examples of Google my business posts %26 we discussed all the knowledge about how to publish on Google my business. With the latest Google update, other posts remain on your profile for years (instead of just 7 days before the update).

GMB posts are displayed at the bottom of the Google My Business knowledge panel and are a great way to showcase what your company has to offer. An e-commerce site can leverage Google my Business publications for new products or showcase its best-selling products. Although it's good that Google gives so much space to work with, the ideal length for any publication is between 150 and 300 characters. Every visitor to your website from a Google My Business post will add a little bit of SEO energy to your site.

These are simple tips to follow, but they will help keep your Google My Business listing relevant during a difficult time. The “Scrapbook Photos” folder above may be related to old Google+ images (I also see much newer images in the scrapbook in my own account), and you'll see other images you've already uploaded for Google products in date-stamped albums. Publication is an effective way to recover customers after lockdown %26 to keep business in the new normal ear.