Do you have to pay to advertise on google maps?

When someone searches for a local business on Google Maps or Google Search, for example, “a shoe store near me”, a local search ad will show and highlight your business. This means that by advertising on Google Maps, you reach people on the move, no matter where they are. When you perform a mobile search for a business in your area, Google usually displays results based on your physical location and company ratings. Google Maps Ads is very effective in reaching consumers who are more likely to visit and buy from your business due to its localized nature.

In this case, we want to add a location extension that will allow you to link your Google My Business profile. If you want to be at the top of the results of these maps in a specific area, Google Maps offers listings of paid map ads where businesses can pay to appear at the top. If someone uses Google Maps to get directions and walks past your store, they'll see a promoted pin icon that grabs their attention. Your ads are made visible on Google Maps through indirect approaches, so let's see how to set up local Google search ads.

In addition to that, including this information on your Google My Business page can improve your local SEO and make it easier for customers to find your business online. If you already have an active Google Ads account, you'll need to have search ads running, as the Google location extension requires it. With Google Maps guiding users to more than 1.5 billion destinations each year, it's easy to see how beneficial advertising on Google Maps can be. Since most people who see the ads search on their mobile phones, Google encourages users to engage with the ads using the tap-to-call and tap-to-tap buttons for directions.

This page does not exist in the Google Ads Help Center: Tutorial, Guides, and Support for Google Ads Help. If it works, a Google Maps campaign generates visitors in a physical location, and this is more difficult to track. Just create an ad in Google My Business, connect it to your Google Ads account, and enable location extensions. When targeting keywords with Google Maps Ads, you'll want to prioritize both keywords that relate to your business and specific parts of your area.