How do i do a google business audit?

Google My Business Audit reveals any SEO issues that may be hurting your current performance. Including duplicate listings, NAP errors, and local classification identifiers that exist outside of your GMB profile. the google my business audit starts even before you create your ad. It's very important to study what works for your competitors before creating a GMB listing.

It gives you a clear picture of what you need to do to be better than them at what you do. Throughout this second section, you can expand your observation and take notes on how the other listings created their own business title optimization, average length, keyword stuffing, inclusion of location and service keywords, etc. Also, if you see Google grouping the desired results into just some parts of the city, you may also consider adding a business location in that area. When you perform a location audit, you'll be asked to add your business hours to improve your ad optimization.

So, when you audit your Google My Business listing, you'll find out if you're using the Q%26A section the way it's supposed to be used. As a local SEO consultant, if you are faced with the difficult decision whether or not to advise business owners on rebranding or keyword stuffing in the title of your GMB listing company, there are many factors that need to be considered. Some companies were imposed a softer suspension, such as the removal of keywords, while others were given more severe punishments, such as being converted to an unverified profile, leading to them not showing up in certain searches, including people searching for ads remotely near their location based on the user entries. Although there are several GMB tools, none of them offer what you need for a proper Google My Business audit.

You can now view a portfolio of all your Google My Business audit summaries and view your audit history. When you optimize a Google business profile, this helps increase that company's visibility for local searches. You can see an example of a Google Business Profile audit template created for web agencies and SEOs to use with their clients here. It's possible that the person who created your Google My Business listing did something called “keyword stuffing.” Primary and Secondary Category: Add a primary and secondary category that is appropriate for your company.

In particular, an optimized Google Business profile will help your customers access the map package (which are the local package listings of relevant map listings that appear at the top of search results).