How do you optimize your google my business page?

Optimize your google my business profileUse the real name of your company. Make sure your hours of operation are correct, write a compelling description. Upload videos, if you have them. You don't want to make mistakes in your company profile.

Make sure that your company name is identical to the name on your Google profile. Do the same for other details of your business. It's not uncommon to find consumers who check the review sections on business pages for assurance that you provide quality products and services. Then, enter basic information about your business and wait for a postcard or call to verify your identity.

Google will send you a postcard with the verification code that you will use to verify your profile and your business will be officially up and running. But what is the attributes section about? Attributes help you describe, in clear terms, what your business is about and what you offer. By optimizing your Google business profile, you're telling Google that you're a relevant search result for those consumers. Google My Business, abbreviated as GMB, is a free tool that allows you to optimize the presence of your business on Google search results pages and on maps.

The Google Business profile allows you to use attributes to identify specific qualities that can be searched for in your profile. It gives you an idea of what features best appeal to your audience and how you compare to other companies in terms of ranking. In addition, you can hide the address if your company operates outside your home, depending on your type of business. Your business can be perceived as more transparent, which can increase credibility and sales.

By activating Google My Business messaging feature, you unlock the option for customers to ask you a question via SMS text message directly from your GMB listing. That said, it's okay to put photos of your activities as long as your audience can connect them to your business. There are many variations to choose from, but there must be at least one that better and more accurately summarizes your business. In addition, an optimized Google Business profile can increase your chances of appearing in local Google search results.

Creating a Google Business profile (formerly known as Google My Business) is an important way to attract new customers to your company through Google Search and Maps. To help you visualize what you're looking for and why, let's take a look at a mockup of an incomplete Google Business profile instead of a complete and optimized one.